New shelter for courses

Yesterday I finished constructing the model for the new shelter. Here’s a better close up of the joint at the front where the two ridges are flattened and held together with 3 fixings, then bolted to the flattened tops of the X-frame.

I found some old sheeps-wool insulation to act as ground level, as all the verticals will be buried about 50cm.


I had planned to wait till March/April to start on the real thing but with another day of glorious sunshine, I decided to start stripping the poles. Resting one end on the edge of the trampolene and the other end on a shaving horse worked for a while but when the pole is curved it is tricky holding it to reach all surfaces. I have a few benches wrapped under a tarp and also found a woodworking vice, so I took an hour or so to clean up the vice before fixing it to the bench. That gripped the pole much better, so I plan to strip some more today.









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