The first day’s bending

After diving into a lovely ash log on Saturday, I spent yesterday morning removing the dry old bark then cleaving the 5 best sections to yield the back legs (and a pile of lovely kindling wood).

This morning I checked through the inner sections and found a couple more leg blanks. The rest were cut to length to yield crests and cross-rails.

Inner sections cut to 45cm
These were cleft to give produce the crests and cross-rails

Another section was cut into 30cm lengths, then cleft using a ‘push-knife’ giving the blanks for  the laths.

When I had enough bits prepared, they were loaded into the steamer.

The steamer loaded
4 legs, 4 crests, 4 cross-rails and 4 sets of laths ready for steaming.

The laths only needed 30 mins in the steamer, then after about an hour spent bending everything, they were loaded into the dryer, where they shall  receive about 20 hours in a circulation of warm air (about 30 degrees C).

The dryer full of bent bits
2 pairs of back legs plus all the components for 4 back panels

The plan is to bend the same again for the next 3 days to complete the bent components needed to finish Peter’s 40 chairs.


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