News: ‘Make a Chair from a Tree, Third Edition’ and Video

I dropped on this blog when searching for John/Jennie’s book today. John and I met when I was in the USA in ’93 and corresponded since then, especially when I was working on the 2nd edition of my book ‘Going with the Grain’. He/she (how else should I word this?) was an inspiration to me and always very helpful and informative. RIP

Lost Art Press

JA_yard3_IMG_8687 Built in Baltimore. While many people associate Jennie Alexander’s chairs with country woodcraft, she lived in urban Baltimore, where she developed the design for her chair.

For the last five years, we worked with Jennie Alexander to revise her classic “Make a Chair from a Tree” book to her satisfaction and include all her latest thoughts and approaches to building her iconic ladderback chair.

Jennie’s efforts were assisted primarily by chairmaker and friend Larry Barrett and Jennie Boyd, who cared for Jennie Alexander in her Baltimore home during her final years.

JA_chair_IMG_8643With Jennie Alexander’s death this summer, we had to evaluate the future of the book. Could it be completed in a way that would make Jennie happy? Did we have the support of people who could help us finish the book? Did we have the support of the family and heirs?

The good news is that we are now…

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