Mike’s final course at Brookhouse Wood

Three weeks ago I spent the day on ‘The Verandah’ at Brookhouse Wood with a bunch of people coming to the end of my final chair-making course carrying out the final assembly of their chair frames. We took the opportunity of a good weather forecast to move all the benches out into the warm September sunshine.P1050572

On the final day of the course we were able to spend another day in the sunshine weaving the seats.P1050601

Bryce with his sitting chair

Bryce was one of the people who had made a low ‘sitting chair’ (as opposed to a dining chair) with a colourful polypropylene seat. Once all the chairs were finished we were able to prepare for the farewell party, for which we were joined by friends, previous course participants and a good number of ex-assistants.A bunch of Ex-assists


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