Spoonfest and The cruck room

I spent a great couple of hours yesterday at Spoonfest in North Derbyshire along with over 100 other green wood enthusiasts. I watched an inspiring spoon making demo by Jogge Sundqvist and met lots of familiar faces from the near and distant past. I gave a spoon-making demo using the lumber-horse, then had to shoot off to a family event in South Derbyshire at lunchtime.

Today I plan to continue the interior walls since filling the front walls with insulation board after Owen did such a great job fitting the French doors – yet again ‘a square peg in a round hole’ springs to mind. We hope to have the electrics completed in the next few weeks so that Tamsin can use the room to display her beautiful stained-glass during Herefordshire Art Week, 8-16th Sept, which is rapidly approaching.


2 thoughts on “Spoonfest and The cruck room

  1. Mike Abbott

    Thanks Junohorse. The corrugated sheets are pretty well fixed but some extra timbers might help reduce the risk and also improve the looks.

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