Still learning

Yesterday we finished another chair-making course and yet again, eight people ended up with some lovely chairs. We had to take the group photo before the seats were all finished, so that the early-birds could return home in time – Roger will weave the seat for his armchair rocker at leisure. We pushed forward Patrick’s advances in fitting the arms by fixing the chair to a bench, so we could use a sliding bevel for aligning the drilling angle into the rear legs. Regina’s spindle-back was completed with a ‘mixed media’ seat, using the new Danish cord for the warp and bark for the weft forming a diamond pattern, which completed the ‘wabi sabi’ look very sweetly. Next time, we’ll not use a tension stick, when forming the warp, so that the cord is tighter. We’ll also try 11 blocks of warp instead of 9. The tight weaves with Danish cord were hard work and I think it is better suited to simpler patterns with wider blocks, like the paper rush seat on Phil’s splendid tall lath-back on the end of the row.


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